Lectures and master-classes
for residents of San Francisco-Bay Area

Feel free to ask us to organize any lecture/master-class for a group of your friends who are interested in Russian tradition. Please contact us via e-mail, and we will discuss date, time, and place appropriate for your group.

If you don't have a group, you may sign in for any topic. We will make a lecture on a certain topic when a group of at least 4 people will be assembled. We will inform you about date, time, and place of a lecture.

The cost of a lecture/master-class is $25 per person. A class lasts up to 3 hours.

4. Traditional Russian Embroidery of the 11th - 19th centuries, a lecture
Make a Russian talisman or a traditional decoration for your clothes or your house using ancient techniques, master-class

Lecture (up to 1.5 hours)
  • Origin of embroidery (Bibikova's theory).
  • Symbolic language of ancient embroidery: the meaning of main patterns (10 of them). History and evolution of patterns. Color symbolism of embroidery.
  • Degradation of ancient embroidery in 1880s-1920s: reasons and ways.
Master-class (up to 2 hours)
  • Introducing of different techniques and stitches of Russian embroidery: nabor (weaving stitch), rospis ("painting"-stitch), glad (counted-satin stitch), tambour (free-stitch).
  • Choose a pattern for your project
  • Start the project.
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